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How lengthy is the process for renting my property?

It differs, depending on the condition of the home, your desired monthly rental income, and the provision of the local market. Nevertheless, with our unparalleled advertising, we provide quality Pittsburgh tenants in 35 days on average, but it can be a matter of weeks, or even days. When we have a good product (your house) we can move it quicker and for less money than any other property management company or brokerage in the city.

What factors are used in deciding the rental rate for our property?

Since we focus on single family homes, we have our finger on the pulse of the market. With the use of our own in-house private data, in combination with driving the neighborhood, looking at previous properties that are rented in the area, and the specs/condition of your home, we calculate a rental rate that will entice worthy tenants, in 30 days or less!.

How will you show my property?

We will NOT be giving out any keys to your house! Unlike other management companies that let tenants have access to the lockbox code or keys, we will only be showing your property to pre-qualified tenants via one of our professional leasing agents who has access and of course in-depth knowledge about your home.

How can I be sure that I can trust the tenant you find for my house?

When the potential tenant says; “I want to rent this house,” we use several outside companies to run a credit report, conduct a back ground check, review employment history, rental history, and check local and national sexual offender databases. Then, based on this information, our exclusive software program will offer a recommendation, which we will share with you in order to assist you in the decision making process.

How do I receive my rent money?

Tenants know that rents are due on or before the 1st of each and every month. We gather the pay and post it to your account. Owners will receive a thorough summary report, generated and mailed on the 23-25th of the month, along with their payment.

How are maintenance costs regulated?

We have an in house maintenance division and specific wholesalers that are competent in handling any issue that your home might experience. Unlike other companies, we do not mark up parts, ensuring that you obtain the best price for the work done, if any concerns happen to arise. We offer a home warranty, for even more control, through globe home warranty protection.

Will the renters care for my home?

There is always a chance that your tenant will not treat your home as well as you would; however, damages beyond the normal wear & tear are uncommon.

Can I leave furniture in my house?

There is not really a market for furnished rentals right now.

Is taking care of the lawn my responsibility?

It is normally the responsibility of the tenant to take care of all lawn care duties. We do, however, offer full landscape services to you or your tenant as a possibility.

Should I terminate my utilities when I move out?

No, make sure to keep the utilities in your name until reassigning them to the new tenant when they move in. If you terminate the utilities, you could risk some damage during colder weather (i.e. damaging pluming, appliances, ect.) and it takes a considerable amount of work to have them turned back on as a “new” service under the tenants name.

If we are currently living in the home, can we try to rent while still living here?

We strongly encourage you to vacate the house so that it is rent ready when we begin to advertise it. Statistics show that a clean, spacious (no furniture), turn-key home lets the buyer view the home at the spur of the moment and imagine the home as their own. Being unoccupied also allows tenants a quick 2-4 week move-in date.

Do I need to have homeowners insurance on the house, or will the tenant be responsible for insurance?

Yes, you should keep a landlord policy on the home. The tenants are not allowed to carry homeowners insurance since they don’t own the house, but we require that all renters carry renter’s insurance for their personal belongings. You should contact your insurance agent and let them know that you are renting your house; make sure you are protected.

If I am planning on moving in the next several weeks, when should we start the process?

Today. It’s never smart to wait until the last minute, especially in today’s current economy. It’s a perfect time to start lining up potential tenants.

I see other agents renting out homes. What makes you different from them?

Unfortunately there are many agents and brokerages that have ZERO property management experience and definitely not specializing in the rental of single family homes. A word of caution: they might not be insured to manage properties.

I’m Ready, what is all this going to cost?

Property Management Pros has the competitive rates and the most comprehensive service in the city. For covering the initial evaluation, pictures, video, professional ad, distribution of that ad to over 40 top targeted websites, showings, tenant pre-screening, and document preparation, our rental commission is equal to the first months rent. Most other property management co’s and brokerages charge upwards of 8-10% of the monthly rent, every month! Our monthly management fee is only $79.

What other costs are there to begin?

We ask owners to fund you a $500.00 emergency account for any recurrent or probable expenses connected with your home (i.e. hot water heater goes out, plumbing issues…).

What if I still have questions about your property management services?

Simply request a free quote and we will answer all of your questions.

What if I want to sell my house in Pittsburgh, PA?

We have an exclusive Hybrid Real Estate System where we can simultaneously market your home for rent, rent to own, land contract, sale, or any other terms that are suitable to that will provide the fastest possible solution in your current real estate market.

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